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So, what happens when the carriage of your gender gives way to drag and pull? How can you maintain your poise on the scene with the client or that special lady when your distracted by the lap and its moistness? You Gent! That's Just What You Do! Now let us Gent!

This guy has it all together. Chivalry is not lost on him. He knows that when he takes care of himself he takes care of the public. His peers. His interests. His favorite lady. Step it up- Be that guy.

Hello I am Gent: Act

Gent "Act" is a Male Genital Deodorant. All Gent products contain natural ingredients. Specially formulated to keep your skin silky, smooth, fresh, and dry for comfortable, chafe-free workouts in the most intimate area of a mans body. Gent "Act" quickly absorbs moisture to offer exceptional protection from friction and irritation in even the most demanding environments. If you're looking for an added boost in confidence look no further than Gent "Act" ..The Gentlemen's Brand!